Liturgy literally means “work of the people.” We use this word to reference the beliefs, customs, and traditions that make up our worship.

Revised Common Lectionary

Parish of the Good Shepherd follows the Revised Common Lectionary. For a list of the current and upcoming readings click here.

Sunday Services

Most of our services are from the Book of Common Prayer (the “BCP”). The Book of Common Prayer is the service book of the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church provides an online Book of Common Prayer.

Our services can be considered more traditional and ceremonial than many denominations. The service often begins with a procession from back of the church up to the altar, led by the cross accompanied by lit candles. The people carrying the cross and candles we call “acolytes.” There are readings from the Hebrew Bible, the Epistles, and the Gospel. The Gospel is read from the nave by an ordained member of the clergy, to symbolize the word of God coming to the people. Following the readings, we have a rich tradition of excellent sermons that tie in the words of the Bible with our lives today.

The celebration of Eucharist is central to our worship.  It is the place where we encounter God in the Bread and Wine of Holy Communion; the Body and Blood of Jesus given for the salvation of the world. Children come from Church School to take part in Holy Eucharist. All baptized Christians regardless of denomination may receive both the body and blood.

Our service ends with a blessing from the priest. We invite everyone to join our community in the Parish Hall for Coffee Hour.


Terms You Might Hear

Liturgical Calendar