The weekly Bible study group at Good Shepherd welcomes anyone who is trying to understand what it means to follow Jesus. Some members have studied Scripture for many years; others describe themselves as beginners. Some are secure in their faith; others struggle with their beliefs. But for the time that we’re together, we assume that the answers to our hardest questions are to be found in the person, life and teachings of Jesus, whom we know as the Christ.

Each week we focus on the four Scripture readings for the coming Sunday. Study questions help members to consider their own responses to Scripture before we explore the passages together. We use the historical context of each to imagine who the original audience might have been and what they would have heard in it, as a way of asking how God still speaks to us through it in a very different time. We note how the material has been shaped by human editors, but we constantly find the Holy Spirit working through it to inspire and challenge us.

Discussions are wide-ranging, surprising, sometimes profoundly moving, and often great fun. Come when you can, on Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 in the Loring Room. For more information, contact Louise Conant at 617-864-0558.

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ORDINARY TIME YEAR B Proper 18-Last Pentecost RCL Sept 9- Nov 25 2018