Children learn about our worship by regular attendance and participation.  Introducing children to the Bible and the liturgy helps them develop a language for prayer.

Sitting near the same place in church each Sunday will give your children a sense of security and routine.  Consider sitting either in the front or near the center aisle so they can clearly see the activity in the sanctuary.  Familiarize them with special features such as the decorative art, stained glass windows, organ, and furnishings.  As they grow, children will learn what is expected from observing the  adults around them.

All baptized Christians, including even very young children, are welcome to receive communion. We invite all children to come to the altar with their families to receive communion or to receive a blessing. Having children share in the holy mystery reminds us that we are loved and accepted at Christ’s table.  Eucharistic instruction is an ongoing part of our education program.  We respect your decision as to when your child begins to receive communion.

The ordinary noises of children are expected.  However, sometimes despite our best efforts, children may not settle into the rhythm of the service. When this happens, you may choose to take your child out of the service for a break.  If the weather is nice, try the front steps; sometimes, a little fresh air in a quiet place can calm an anxious child.  You may also try taking your child to the toddler area immediately downstairs. If nothing works and you are at your wit’s end, you can always try another time – we will be here.