When are your services?

Our Sunday services are at 8:00 and 10:00 AM, from the Sunday after Labor Day to mid-June. During the summer we have one Sunday service at 9:00 AM. Professional childcare is available every Sunday of the year.

How is Good Shepherd similar to other churches?

Good Shepherd is firmly rooted in the Christian tradition. As Episcopalians, we use the Bible and Book of Common Prayer to lead our worship on Sundays. On Sunday mornings, both services include scripture readings, a sermon, prayers, and Holy Communion.

How is Good Shepherd different from other churches?

Good Shepherd’s worship is rooted in traditional and elegant expressions of Anglicanism. Worship is reverent and formal, though not stiff or unwelcoming. Good Shepherd is known for its high church traditions, sometimes called Anglo-Catholic, and for using Rite I in the Book of Common Prayer (Rite I includes some of the beautiful Elizabethan language of Prayer Books going back to the 1500’s.) The music is on par with many cathedrals in England. The preaching is based on the Bible readings for the day, and seeks to relate them to the everyday experiences of people in the modern world. Children’s Church takes place during the first half of the 10:00 service, and thirty or forty children flood the church with enthusiasm and joy at the passing of the peace.

How can I get to the Church?

The Parish of the Good Shepherd is located at 1671 Beacon St., Waban, MA 02468.  Sunday parking is available next door to the church in the Angier Elementary School parking lot on Beacon Street. Parking on Beacon Street is available all week. There is a T stop one block from the church: take the outbound Green Line (D- Riverside) to the Waban stop. Go up the stairs, cross the street and walk a bit to your left.  The Parish of The Good Shepherd is on the right. Driving Directions

Do you have a Sunday School and a Nursery?

We have Sunday School for children in Kindergarten through grade 7 that meets Sunday mornings during the school year and a professionally-staffed nursery year-round. Good Shepherd welcomes thirty to forty children each week, and parents are often overjoyed to find an excellent children’s program each Sunday morning. There is also a two-year Confirmation Class for youth in 8th and 9th grade this year and a high school group that meets outside the Sunday service schedule. Our facilities include a quiet Infant Room with a rocking chair and changing table.

Who may receive communion at Good Shepherd?

All are welcome to participate in our services. Any baptized Christian may receive communion in the Episcopal Church; the denomination in which you were baptized does not matter (for example, Roman Catholic, Methodist, etc.). Any unbaptized person, or young children whose parents do not yet wish them to receive Communion, may also receive a blessing at the rail by crossing their arms over their chests as the priest approaches.

How does one receive communion at Good Shepherd?

The usher will direct you up to the rail. Hold out your hands to receive the bread from the priest. When the server comes with the wine, hold the base of the chalice and guide it to your mouth. Or, you may dip the bread in the wine. If you do not wish to receive one of the elements (for example, the wine), just cross your arms over your chest when the priest or server comes to you.

How do children participate in communion?

Children who have been baptized in any church may receive Communion at the discretion of their parents.  Those who are ready to receive will hold out their hands. Those who are not ready to receive should cross their arms as described above and the priest or sever will give a blessing.  Children have Church School during the Liturgy of the Word which is the first part of the service including Bible readings and the sermon.  They join their parents in time for Communion.

How do people dress for church?

Members and visitors at Good Shepherd dress comfortably in a variety of ‘styles’.  Wear whatever is comfortable for you and you will fit right in.  The important thing is to come and worship with us.

What kind of educational offerings do you have for adults?

From September through May or June, the Forum, a presentation and discussion on different aspects of the Christian faith, meets Sundays from 11:30 to 12:30 in the Loring Room (next to the parish office upstairs). Bible Study meets all year on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm in the Loring Room to discuss the scripture lessons for the next Sunday. All are welcome to attend.

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